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Grizzly Bear – Cheerleader

Normally when an album has been as anticipated as much as Veckatimest has, it inevitably sinks under the weight of expectation. In the case of Grizzly Bear, everything they have done since 2006’s Yellow House has signalled a band nearing their creative peak. (more…)


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Fast Fourier – Wonderlove

I should probably stop writing about Chris Taylor’s various side-projects – the man will grow uneasy. But by chance (honestly) I’ve just discovered a group he was in with Grizzly Bear bandmate Chris Bear. Named after an algorithm, Fast Fourier appear to have released two albums, the last of which, Tomorrow, Tomorrow, was released in 2006 – the same year as Yellow House. The album is now out of print and although the gushing blurb on Amazon describes it as “a break in rock history,” it certainly sounds edgier than the material one would normally associate with these guys, and it certainly warrants a gander over at their now forgotten-about MySpace profile. (more…)

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