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Grizzly Bear – Cheerleader

Normally when an album has been as anticipated as much as Veckatimest has, it inevitably sinks under the weight of expectation. In the case of Grizzly Bear, everything they have done since 2006’s Yellow House has signalled a band nearing their creative peak. (more…)


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Department of Eagles – Therapy Car Noise

In Ear Park took a little time to grow on me but now that it has, I can’t stop listening to it. I think it will make the ideal musical accompaniment to the onset of autumn and I can’t wait to see the songs performed live. This record has a lot in common with Grizzly Bear’s Yellow House and I wonder if that’s a testament to the input Dan Rossen had on that album. (more…)

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Fast Fourier – Wonderlove

I should probably stop writing about Chris Taylor’s various side-projects – the man will grow uneasy. But by chance (honestly) I’ve just discovered a group he was in with Grizzly Bear bandmate Chris Bear. Named after an algorithm, Fast Fourier appear to have released two albums, the last of which, Tomorrow, Tomorrow, was released in 2006 – the same year as Yellow House. The album is now out of print and although the gushing blurb on Amazon describes it as “a break in rock history,” it certainly sounds edgier than the material one would normally associate with these guys, and it certainly warrants a gander over at their now forgotten-about MySpace profile. (more…)

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Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – The Debtor

It’s my birthday…and I have just got my hands on a Chris Taylor-produced album that I didn’t even know existed. Not only that, but I think this is my favourite out of all the songs I’ve been posting latetel.  24 year-old Miles will soon be touring the States with fellow Brooklyn-ites TV On The Radio and you can find his recent Daytrotter session (which includes a Dylan cover) here. (more…)

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Department of Eagles – No One Does It Like You

There is bound to be a blogger explosion over this track, but it’s too good not to post it. As I keep saying, Grizzly Bear are seeming more and more like a genuine super group these days – and that is only underlined by the quality of this song and the fact that Chris Taylor (GB’s bassist and producer) lent his Midas touch of proceedings. Apparently if you pre-order the DoE album In Ear Park now, you will also get a 7″ of the above track with Dan’s cover of Jojo’s ‘Too Little, Too Late’. (more…)

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Canon Blue – ‘Ennui’

What initially sparked my interest in Canon Blue was the signature of producer Chris Taylor (of Grizzly Bear), who seems to have somewhat of a midas touch at the moment. And sure enough, the work of Daniel James delivers all the soft, hushed magic you’d expect. (more…)

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Just when you’re led to believe the band are in the middle of taking a long, well-deserved break, up pops their very own live (and long overdue) session on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic. Listen to a fully refreshed Grizzly Bear debut new song ‘While You Wait for the Others’ amongst a steller set list here. (more…)

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