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Bibio – Everglad Everglade

Bibio is back! The acoustic equivalent of Boards of Canada (who describe him as “the antidote to the modern laptopia of pristine electronic music”)  has returned with a sound that’s more pastoral, more vocal…but still featuring that trademark ghostly guitar sound. Nostalgic magic. (more…)

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Boards of Canada – Everything You Do Is a Balloon

It’s late on Sunday night, I’m tired and there’s work to be done – so I’m listening to this song in the hope that it will stop me from procrastinating and stir whatever creative ability I can squeeze out tonight. It has to be this song because I listened to it just about every day when I would write in the Jardin du Luxembourg, soaking up the atmosphere and translating it into inspiration. Boards of Canada never fails to facilitate that process. Some musicians create music that envisions another world, but BoC is that world. It’s a far away dimenson full of mystique, nostalgia and imaginative daydreams.

Photo by rodeo

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The Dunes of Ynyslas

Bibio (Stephen Wilkinson) is like an acoustic version of Boards of Canada (they themselves toast him as: “the antidote to the modern laptopia of pristine electronic music.”) – dreamlike, nostalgic, extremely vivid – so anyone that’s a fan of the latter is bound (nay, obligated!) to take an interest in the two fantastic albums he has out on Mush, “fi” and “Hand Cranked.” Having been listening to Bibio for just over a year now, I’m delighted to see that video clips (in suitable Super-8 style) to accompany the songs have finally surfaced on the internet. Unfortunately, the best ones are on Bibio’s myspace site, not on YouTube, and therefore not importable into WordPress, so I have linked them instead.

‘Cherry Blossom’

‘Rainbow Above the Rooftops’

‘Cherry Go Round’

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